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Visit our Virtual Gallery now, featuring a new artist every week! View their work and learn more about their process and inspiration. 

About US 

At POPUP, our mission is simple. We connect artists and local venue owners to set up pop-up art galleries. Venues want more art and more customers, and artists want more opportunities to display their work, sell it, and gain exposure. POPUP links the two together. Artists post their work on the site, and potential hosts (venues), browse and choose an artist that’s right for them. A POPUP representative will help set up the show, appropriately price the art, package it, and tear it down. POPUP provides opportunities for artists that may not be well established yet, making it the ideal service for students and emerging artists. Unlike traditional galleries, POPUP won’t take a huge cut of the profits.

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Read more about our Virtual Gallery, featured in Penn State News. 

How it works


Create a profile

Either as an artist, or a host. Artists add photos of their work, information about themselves and experiences, links to socials, CV's, and more!



Hosts browse the artist's profiles to look for someone to hold a pop-up show in their venue. The host contacts the artist with some more information on exactly what they're looking for. 



Once a host has selected an artist, and both parties want to move forward with an exhibition, they let POPUP know. We will be there every step of the way to ensure an amazing pop-up show.

Questions? Let us know.