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Sarah Jameson 

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Neon Dreams
Blue Jeans
about the artist

I am a senior Drawing & Painting BFA at Pennsylvania State University. My work explores the figure and portraiture in the modern age. I use bright colors and large scale to convey themes of current fashion, film, and culture. I have experience setting up gallery shows and am looking to gain more exposure through displaying my work in a pop-up gallery. 


Tom Rosenow 

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Not my backyard
Spring Creek Park
State Game Lands
The Port-O-Call Hotel
University Park
1403 Park Ave
Stonecreek Studio I
Screen Shot 2020-03-17 at 11.46.34
about the artist

I am an emerging fine artist with a focus on painting and printmaking. I'm passionate about painting the landscape from life and uses that inspiration to pursue more experimental works in the studio. What I finds most important in the images I create is the ability for viewers to connect with them in a way that allows the scenes to feel familiar.


Rebecca Poarch

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An Act of Love Towards Myself
To the Waters and the Wind
In Bloom
Untitled 1
Untitled 4
Dream Body
Screen Shot 2020-03-17 at 11.57.22
about the artist

With vivid colors and dream-like scenes, my work aims to realize the blurred line between the body and its lived experiences, in conjunction with these developing ideas in the contemporary art world. Through painting and drawing displaying a dreamland of hyper-femininity, I am creating a world of bright light from darkness, or a utopia from a place of vulnerability, writing my story in a personal narrative and diaristic language. Speaking with ephemerality and mysticism through the medium, my work seeks to understand the bodily experience of this alter ego in my paintings, as she is a reflection of myself.


emi driscoll

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Untitled I
Untitled II
Untitled III
Untitled IV
Untitled V
Untitled VI
Untitled VII
Untitled VIII
Untitled IX
IMG_5929 (1).jpg
about the artist

I am an interdisciplinary artist at Penn State University. The objective of my work is to dissect and understand my own identity, as well as to prompt the viewer to be introspective and empathetic. I use my work as a way to emote and to be vulnerable, but I choose abstraction as a way to speak about process and movement. I want my work to involved ominous uncomfort, while also being aesthetically attractive.  


kaleigh quinnan

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Self Portrait
Going for a swim!
Female Nude I
jill copy
about the artist

Artistically, I am committed to interpreting reality and manipulating the narratives that describe it. My inspiration comes from a combination of everyday life, fashion editorials, political studies, and spoken words. I am currently a rising senior pursuing a double major as a B.F.A in drawing and painting and French with a business concentration, with a political science minor. My preferred mediums are charcoal, ink, and oil paint although I have been working a lot with acrylics. 

amara eke

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meee (1).jpg
about the artist

 I am a Senior at Penn State University in the Fine Arts program with a concentration in drawing and painting as well as two minors in art history and gender studies. My work is primarily focused on making bright, fluorescent, neon colors their own subject within my pieces along with the help from other materials such as glitter, googly eyes, and rhinestones. I am really interested in filling up every space on the canvas with patterns, designs, colors, characters, and materials to create my own world that's easy for everyone to get lost in.


logan benedict 

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Invictus Finibus
unmet agony
the last mirror of the world
the corpse you couldn't carry
so sorry so sore
so intimate so fragile
sandy daughter
reverse poured concrete
naked like my alibi (last day of 95)
about the artist

I was born and raised in Townsend, DE and have been working and residing in Philadelphia, PA since June 2019. I graduated from Delaware Technical Community College in 2018 with an associates degree in communications and have gone on to self-publish four poetry and art books, with the most recent being “Pleasantries.” My work is primarily self-portrait based photography which involves a lot of dim lighting, sultry makeup and costuming, but I also dabble with mixed media collages from vintage gay pornography as a way to reconstruct the queer narrative. My work has been exhibited at numerous galleries in New York City including the One World Observatory, Cluster Gallery, One Art Space, The Living Gallery, Established Gallery, Con Artist Collective, Treat Gallery, DAS NYC and Local Project. 


Jules Edelmann

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about the artist

I am an Art Education and Fine Arts (concentration Drawing and Painting) major at Penn State University. Working in acrylic paint, I aim to depict scenes of rooms that evoke nostalgia in the viewer. Using my own environment as inspiration, I abstract objects and ideas to create colorful scenes full of pattern.

joe beam

James S. Keleton
st jerome study
Desert Print
BFA Wall
Bar of the Dead-page-001 (1)
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Image of Myself.jpg
about the artist

I am a Fine Arts major concentrating in Drawing and Painting.  I have been drawing my whole life, and started painting a little over a year ago in the spring of 2019.  Since then, I have been focused on using Oil Paints to create engulfing scenes that warrant the viewer to stay and look around.  I feel most comfortable when working on a large scale and packing in colorful detail around the composition.  Inspired by things like I Spy books, Newspaper comics, cartoons and video games, I aim to merge my many worlds in these large paintings, while giving them a twist of my own.

lisa tomasetti

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toothpaste eyebrows (1)
snatched up
sundae morning
self portrait in my castle
about the artist

My work aims to blur the line between ugly and appealing, cute and unattractive. The priority is to create a strong sense of emotion and/or humor through my various characters, focusing on facial expression or lack thereof, and clothing. Main components of my work include color, quality of line, and shape. Major inspirations of mine come from fashion, pop-culture, music (a wide variety ranging from ska-punk to rap), and various television shows, many of which are surprisingly not cartoons. I recently graduated from Penn State University with a BA in Art and I currently live and work in Drexel Hill, PA.