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Once a host and artist have connected through our site, it's our mission to help run their show as smoothly as possible. POPUP acts as your art consultant and will aid in selecting site-specific work, pricing, set up, and tear down. We do this with constant communication with our artists and venues, via email and in-person consultations. We provide fine art insurance for all shows coordinated on our site, to ensure a sound peace of mind for both the artist and venue.


It's important to us that the artwork is priced appropriately for each show, to ensure artists make as much of a profit as possible, while still maintaining a desirable and marketable price for the buyers. Once POPUP has helped the artist price their work, we charge a down payment of 5% of the estimated total value. In addition to the flat fee, POPUP charges a 40% commission on all work sold at the show. If the value of commissions is greater than the initial fee, the initial fee will be waived.

Benefits for Artists

We improve the lives of artists by making them money, helping them gain exposure, and introducing them to potential future customers. Essentially, all things an emerging artist desires. We also provide experience and knowledge, as our customers learn the process of setting up a gallery show that can be applied later in life

Benefits for Venues

POPUP improves the lives of venue owners by making them money, enhancing their venue with aesthetic value, and bringing in customers. During the time a POPUP show is being held, the venues will receive free advertising and promotion through the marketing of the show. Venues are also held in higher esteem by the community for supporting local artists.

Benefits for the Community

POPUP enhances the community through art. Art has an incredible power to unite people and help them find common ground. Art-based events create fond memories, and opportunities for celebration and friendship. We also enhances the community by stimulating local and small businesses, which are vital to the economy.

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