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Divine Feminine

Allie McAllister

Explore Allie's process through video. 

Something Holy Alice Phoebe Lou
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about the work

This body of work is a synopsis of my exploration of the idea of the "feminine". It was born from conversations I had with different people about when they feel the most feminine or how they define such a word. The work reflects my own navigation of understanding of what the Divine Feminine means as I took the time to grapple with and observe the superficial, the spiritual, and the sensual elements to it. The process of deliberation, reflection, and creation of these works was a personal exercise of tapping into my own Divine Feminine.

about the artist

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I gravitate towards oil paint as my medium, although I do not confine myself to paint as my only form of creative expression. The subjects of my work tend to be born from photographs I take and translate onto the canvas. My work has always reflected on my interest in the female figure. Recently I have begun giving more focus to setting and exploring how the figure interacts in/with natural and intimate environments.

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in the studio

Cracked Surface

100 heads 

jenny song 

about the work

These group of pieces represent my journey in experimenting with digital art. I have been exploring traditional mediums for about 7+ years, so this year in 2020 I decided to challenge myself to work digitally. Since finding out about the 100 heads challenge on social media, I am determined to use this challenge as a way to follow my growth.

about the artist

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Jenny Song is a visual artist, whose work is comprised of illustrations, textile/surface designs, and ceramic/clay pieces. “I am a big admirer of earth tones and texture, with a strong passion of exploring new mediums. Continuously producing artworks and products that re-enforces positive energy into everyday life.” Currently studying for a BFA in Fine Arts with a minor in Fashion Design.

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in the studio

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Jenny's work goes beyond digital media, expanding into textiles, illustration, and ceramics. The above photos give you an inside look into her process. 

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