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#SOFAB: Filtered

yiwei leo wang

about the work

As an international artist, I am interested in the influence of social media, high-fashion, and the “made in China” culture. Often criticized for hyper-polished representations of reality and online personas, I maintain a personal right to portray an idealized life. Through small dreams, we craft new realities that allow us to live as we please. I utilize boutique elements, bright colors, and artificial materials to project fabulousity and confidence. My social media is translated into the real world and re-integrated back into the digital realm, which is the dream I live in: a so fab projection of my personal iconography.

about the artist

A native of Shijazhuang, China, Leo (Yiwei) Wang now resides and works from State College, Pennsylvania. Presently, he is pursuing concurrent undergraduate degrees in Landscape Architecture and Fine Arts from Penn State University. As a multi-media artist, fashion model, and architect, Leo has received several merit awards and has been showcased in two solo exhibitions (#SOFAB and #SOFAB: FlamBOYant ONLY). He has been featured in several publications, most notably Valley Magazine, The Daily Collegian, and Internationals of Penn State.

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